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 Your Committee of Loughborough                            
The non for profit "Societa' Dante Alighieri" was founded in Rome in 1889 with the aim of promoting Italian culture (
From its very beginning the DA Society received an enthusiastic welcome, particularly among the many Italian communities that had established themselves throughout the world.

In Loughborough the DA Society has been established for 35 years (1984-2019), and has always aimed to promote and develop an interest in Italian culture and language across the local community. 
 The Society is not just for Italian speakers and it welcomes membership from every background. Culture doesn't include only the highbrow arts, in fact we have run events that reflect Italy of the past and the present.

This website is dedicated to sharing love and interests in Italy, his art, culture, cuisine and language.  Check back often to learn about new contributions to our site, upcoming activities in the area, and ways to get involved with the DA Society! If you have any questions or comments, make sure to get in touch through the Contact Us section of the site, below.

Meet your Committee 2018

Gianluca Fanti
Gianluca Fanti
Caroline Clark
Caroline Clark
Vice President
Tony Wills
Tony Wills
Amanda Fanti
Amanda Fanti
Committee Member
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